While there are many clubs in Shanghai and throughout China, not one mirror the exclusivity and grandeur of the Shanghai Town & Country Club. This Shanghai institution offers members, guests, family and friends a place to connect, work, play, relax and entertain while establishing lifelong friendships.

Board of Advisors

Worldwide, fine private clubs such as Shanghai Town & Country Club have advisory boards known as the Board of Advisors, Board of Governors or the General Committee.

The Board of Advisors plays a crucial role in the development of the membership roster for the Club. In this capacity, Board members are the first to invite their friends and business associates as the Founding Members of the Club. That group will form the foundation of the Club, and as they join and recommend their friends and business associates, the Club’s membership roster will be comprised of like-minded individuals who share common bonds.

In addition to the development of the membership roster, the Board will serve as the liaison between the management and the Members. In this capacity, the Board will assist the onsite management team with “front-of-house” issues such as operating hours, dress codes and Members’ comments as they relate to the overall quality of the operation, etc.

Clubs within the Club

Build your network of business and social connections by joining one of our clubs with the Club. These clubs are for special interest groups with interests ranging from investment to wine.

They offer members an opportunity to expand their network and to meet in a much more intimate setting to discuss and/or enjoy whatever topic or subject these particular clubs may be pursuing.